Meet Pushpa Preeya- This woman deserves a lot of respect for writing exams for disabled students, let’s share her story

There is no hiding to the fact that there is a great imbalance that we have in the world today. We have people who are selfish and does not want to part with anything, the other person may be generous and so is Pushpa Preeya. After reading what she has been doing for the society in the last decade, you will start admiring her a lot.

For Pushpa Preeya doing something good for the society matters to her more than anything else. Hailing from Bengaluru, the wonder woman has been patiently writing exams for the disabled ones for nearly a decade and her marvellous initiative has inspired people across the nation.

Credits: IndiaTimes

In a recent interview with Indiatimes, Pushpa Preeya said that she and her brother defied all odds to build a good foundation for themselves.

They both have done with their education in an atmosphere of extreme financial constraints and all of it helped her to believe in core values of education. She always thought that everyone deserved to be educated irrespective their physical or mental state. Since then, she decided what exactly she needs to do to.

Giving insights about how her cause for the disabled initiated, Preeya added that she lived a locality near to an NGO for the visually impaired.

“I would see them crossing the road and try to catch them for a conversation. Later on an NGO named Samarthana based in Bengaluru got in touch for volunteering and writing exams for the disabled and that’s how my journey began nearly 10 years ago.”

“Now I think I have written close to 700 exams, but I never keep a count, what I look forward to is helping a hundred more,” says Preeya, who has been a scribe for 10 years.

Five months ago, she was busy with 9 to 5 IT job alongside her hectic exam schedule and she pulled off spectacular despite facing setbacks.

Even if the examination centres are alloted far away from her residence, she still manages to find a way to get there by switching public transport and takes due permission for her absence in the office.

“It’s not just the visually impaired students, I even deal with those suffering from cerebral palsy and downs syndrome.”

Preeya’s approach to life is really inspiring. From schools, colleges to bank exams, she has been the writing hand and listening ear for all kinds of aspirants with disabilities.

“One of the biggest obstacles I face while writing the exams is when students ask me to repeat the question multiple times, which sort of comes in the way of the time limit. But I make sure they feel comfortable and confident about the answer they are giving in”

“I am always calm and collected because the exam I am writing for them is a deciding factor for their future.”

Pushpa Preeya added that patience is the only factor that helped her pull off this work. The only skill she managed to learn was sign language which made it much easier to interact with students who suffer from cerebral palsy.

Pushpa, who did diploma in computers, is now pursuing a Master’s Degree from Indira Gandhi Open University.

For contributing a lot to the society, she received many awards. She was extremely happy to have got Nari Shakti Puraskar on the occasion of International Women’s Day 2019.

“Earlier people in Bengaluru knew about my initiative and it was easy for them to reach out to me for help, now there people from Sikkim who are calling me to write exam for the disabled. I am glad that people are aware and I hope to sensitise a thousand more,” she told Indiatimes.

Besides this noble initiative, Pushpa Preeya also volunteers with many NGOs which work for acid attack survivors and also manages a Facebook page for the blood donors.

Above all, the great sense of accomplishment for Preeya is to see the students she helps, succeed – a B Com student she helped not only scored distinction, but is now doing higher studies abroad.

“I feel on the top of the world when I see the students I help succeed and that’s my greatest strength and motivation.”

Hailing from Chennai, Chaithanya G is the Managing Director of TheYouth. He has dedicated his whole life to reading and writing.