Real Life Hero- He risked his own life and saved 15 children alone from dying

There are two facts about heroes that have never been in doubt. One acts in movies to entertain the audience to earn fame and reputation for the knack of his acting skills whereas the other takes risks to save people in real-life scenarios, say Indian soldiers or a common man. The hero is someone who can give real-time protection by all means. The sad reality is that people admire film heroes as much as they admire gods.

We have seen, in many parts of India, avid fans offering milk Abhishekam and prayers for the filmy heroes they admire who just act in movies but when the hero risks his life to save lives, he gets no hype but just an appreciation by some people. We live in a society where people appreciate film heroes who save people’s lives in action sequences but when the same thing happens real, no one bats an eye.

Karanbir Singh (Credits: The Indian Express Photo)

Meet the real hero – Karanbir Singh

Karanbeer Singh was just a normal person like many others. Hailing from Amritsar, he is a class 11 student of DAV Public school. But when Karanbeer was returning home on his school bus, the vehicle accidentally fell into a drain owing to the broken railing on a narrow bridge near Muhawa village of Attari assembly constituency in Amritsar district.

The unfortunate incident killed 7 school children little did Karanbeer Singh know that he would face the nightmarish moment of his life. The injured Karanbir had no clue what was really going on in that tense situation but had enough guts to risk his life and saved other 15 other lives from the water-filled bus.

“He (driver) was driving rashly. I had warned him about the narrow bridge ahead that doesn’t have railings but he didn’t listen. Suddenly the front tyres were in the air and we landed in the drain,” said Karanbir.

Karanbir Singh was pretty much particular about his demands to make from Prime Minister about repairing the bridge as that broken railing on a narrow bridge cost his friends’ lives. “I have three demands to make from Prime Minister Narendra Modi when I meet him. First, I will ask him to provide funds to complete the construction of the bridge and its railing so that no such accident happens again.

“We travel more than 15 kilometres extra every day to avoid this bridge. But still, many other school buses use it every day and so it could result in another accident any day. Construction of the bridge will not only save time but will also save lives,” Karanbir was quoted as saying by the Indian Express.

Hearing the story of Karanbir Singh, Prime Minister Modi decided to meet him personally. As per news, The Prime Minister will give him bravery award for his selfless heroic work in the dreadful situation.

Remembering that dreadful day, Karanbir said that he tried to rescue as many lives as possible that nightmarish day. Karanbir said that most of the children had their heads in dirty water including his sister who was also on that same bus. He added further saying that the children that he saved on that day look at him with love and respect.

“Most of the children had their heads in dirty water, including my sister Jaismeen Kaur. I tried to save as many lives as possible. I was in class XI then. Now, I am in class XII in the same school. All those children saved by me now look at me with love and respect,” said Karanbeer.

Hailing from Chennai, Chaithanya G is the Managing Director of TheYouth. He has dedicated his whole life to reading and writing.