Shameful: Madhya Pradesh CM suspends a govt headmaster for criticizing him

Madhya Pradesh: The headmaster of a government school was suspended for allegedly throwing offensive remarks about Chief Minister Kamal Nath. The headmaster, by the name of Mukesh Tiwari who is associated with government-run Kanishta Buniyadi Middle School, had said Shivraj Singh Chouhan is ours and CM Kamal Nath is a dacoit (criminal). This move came after when video of his speech went like wildfire on social media.

Later on, Congress supporters met up with Jabalpur District Collector Chhavi Bharadwaj and then demanded suspension of the headmaster and even threatened that they will go to the education minister Prabhuram Choudhary if the suspension is not taken.

Credits: India Today

After going through the video, the teacher, based on the first impression itself was found breaching the Madhya Pradesh Civil Services (Conduct) Rules and was suspended from the post.

Ending the 15-year-old rule of the BJP in MP, Kamal Nath became the 18th CM of the state following the party president Rahul Gandhi gave a green light supporting Nath for the top post. Most of the senior leaders of the Congress marked their presence in the oath-taking ceremony, including party president Rahul Gandhi, former CM Digvijaya Singh and campaign committee chief Jyotiraditya Scindia. Also, former CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan was present there.

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