UAE man bars Indian fans from watching football match, locks them in a birdcage

A video depicting a man locking up supporters of the Indian football team in a birdcage prior to India’s match against the UAE in the Asian Cup spread like wildfire according to a report in PTI. This sparked outrage in the UAE which prompted authorities to arrest many people. India lost 2-0 against the UAE.

After replying that they support India through and through, he tells them that’s not good because they live in the UAE and should support it. After knocking on the wiring, he again asks them and they reply they support the UAE and he lets them free from the cage, the report said.

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In the UAE, punishments for violation of the several provisions of the law include jail terms from 6 months to over 10 years, and fines from 50,000 to 2 million dirhams (USD 13,611 to USD 5.44 lakh), the report said.

“The video allegedly shows a man who locked up several men of Asian nationality in a bird cage. They were supposed to cheer for the UAE national team in their match against India in the AFC Asian Cup,” the UAE’s Attorney General office said in a statement.

“Legal action was taken, with reports submitted to the prosecutor’s office. A warrant was issued for the man who made the video, and he was detained and brought in for questioning.

“Not only is the act a criminal offence punishable by law in the UAE, it does not reflect the values of tolerance and respect. Discrimination is not acceptable, as we believe in equality of opportunity and meritocracy,” the statement said.

A statement released from the UAE Attorney General’s office following an offensive video which went viral on social media. In the mean time, the owner of the viral video posted one more clip on YouTube, saying he had done the whole “skit” as a ‘joke’.

“These men are my workers, one of whom I’ve known for 22 years. I live with my men on this farm, we eat from the same plate. I did not beat them, nor did I truly ‘lock’ them up,” he said and then added that this is the ‘Year of Tolerance’.

He then requested netizens to understand his intentions. Gulf News reported that the Sharjah Police came to the spot and arrested several men after videos went widespread, giving a thought to a picture of unbearable football fanaticism.

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