NASA’s Rs 135 crore Toilet Explodes & Spills Poop all over the Space Station

In strange news, a toilet exploded and spilt poop water in the space station, which sent the whole crew on cleaning duty! This nasty incident actually happened on the ISS and as per NASA online statement, a toilet also called as commode worth Rs 1,35,65,05,000 burst. The crew seemingly used towels in a bid to soak up two-gallons of water that spilt out.

“The crew worked quickly to re-mate the leaky QD and soak up the water with towels. An alternate QD was then de-mated in order to continue with the installation,” reads the NASA statement.

As per this report, ‘It involves sitting on a small plate-sized hole on top of silver can or peeing into a yellow cone’. The unpleasant waste is then blasted back to Earth in a cargo ship. We’ll now leave it to your imagination.

Watch the video below!!