Police dress as HP gas vendors to catch Paper leak Mafia leaders

Recently Rajasthan police caught the paper leak mafia leader. Police worked smartly to catch this gang and arrested the accused in the disguise of an HP gas hawker. Three accused Omprakash Dhaka, Sunil Beniwal and Shammi Bishnoi have been arrested in the competitive exams paper leak case, the video of which is going viral on social media.

In a viral video, police officers disguised themselves as HP gas delivery workers to conceal their identities during a raid. The officers, wearing HP gas hawker t-shirts, entered a building carrying gas cylinders on their shoulders. They managed to get the door of the accused’s flat opened by calling out “Cylinder wala.” Once the door opened, the police entered and began interrogating the individuals inside. In the video, a man is seen lying on a bed during the raid.

According to other sources, police were searching for this mafia gang for about 2 months. A reward of Rs 75,000 was declared for the paper leak mafia Om Prakash Dhaka, Rs 70,000 for Shammi Bishnoi, and Rs 25,000 for Sunil Beniwal. During this, input was received that Dhaka and Beniwal were hiding in a flat in Hyderabad. The police team did their recce for several days, then entered the flat on the pretext of supplying gas and caught both of them.

All three are the masterminds of the paper leak. Rajasthan Police had been looking for them for a long time. Om Prakash Dhaka is the main accused. He is the handler of the gang of paper leak mafia Jagdish Vishnoi. He has carried out incidents like paper leaks. Sunil has appeared in the examinations as a dummy candidate. He also used to provide dummy candidates. So far, SOG has registered 38 FIRs in the paper leak case, out of which 28 cases are of dummy candidates and the rest are of fake degrees and paper leaks.

The viral video was shared by the Instagram handle ‘ndtvrajasthan’. After watching the video, users shared various reactions. Some users were praising the bravery of the police, while many other users were taking it as a joke.

A user wrote, “When the location was known, what was the need to do so much drama.”

Another user wrote, “If they had not done so much digging, they would not have been caught.”

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