Mumbai: Muslim rapper abuses SC ST community in his song

Recently, a case has come to light of a Muslim rapper insulting the Scheduled Caste (SC) and Scheduled Tribe (ST) community in his song. This incident has gone viral on social media, causing outrage among various communities. In today’s generation, people do anything to get fame, but moving forward by insulting someone is a big defeat in itself.

This rap video of a Muslim rapper is going viral on social media. This rapper named Naveed Sheikh (aka Naezy) is from Mumbai. In his rap, he insults the SC-ST community by using derogatory words. In the viral video, rapper Naveed Sheikh can be heard directly insulting the SC-ST community by using the word “Tuchhe Chamaar”. This is extremely objectionable, insulting any caste in this way is a crime.

This is not a new case, often people are seen using the word ‘Chamar’ as abuse. This is extremely objectionable, insulting any community in this way is a crime, and there should be a demand for strict action against such people. Similarly, Naveed Sheikh is using derogatory words towards the SC-ST community in his rap, insulting them by calling them ‘tucha chamar’ and ‘gwar and nalayak’.

According to other sources, rapper Naveed Sheikh is a contestant in Bigg Boss OTT 3. And recently, while staying in the Bigg Boss house, he made some obscene comments. The viral video has been shared by Twitter handle Dr. Rohini. After watching the video, everyone strongly condemned it and shared various types of reactions.

A user writes, ‘Because we are divided into castes, that’s why they have so much courage that they make such cheap comments about the Dalit brothers of our society! ‘

Another user wrote, ‘A case under SC ST Act should be filed against him and he should be sent to jail immediately.’

Another user wrote, ‘He is a big casteist worm. He had recently made some indecent comments on the Balmiki community in Bigg Boss.’

Another user writes, ‘No action will be taken against him because if action is taken then Jai Bhim will be in danger.’

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