Boy came to his ex girlfriend wedding and showed Whatsapp chats to everyone

We’ve heard a lot of revenge stories in real life and get ready to hear one now! Nobody would have imagined how it all ended. Stay tuned!

Attending the wedding of your ex can be really more interesting and thrilling if you know how to take sweet revenge at the right place and at the right time. Anik did exactly the same thing with his ex Samia. Two months ago, the girl broke up with Anik saying that Anik wasn’t dedicated enough nor showing any interest to the relationship.

Credits: Iniobong Eyo

It has been learnt that the affair lasted only for 8 months. Anik tried his maximum best to convince Samia that he had always been loyal and was a good man after all but Samia refused to accept his statements. He really meant those words but she paid no heed to him as she was least bothered to listen to him.

Nonetheless, Anik felt betrayed and later on, he learnt that Samia’s father had planned Samia’s wedding with some other guy who is well settled as he lives in Canada. Luxurious life in abroad tempted Samia and she just used it as an excuse to start the breakup. After knowing the true reason behind the breakup, Anik was shocked at the first place and then he took an extreme step to do something what everyone probably wouldn’t have ever imagined.

On Samia’s wedding day, Anik was present at the wedding venue. Anik behaved like usual during the time. Anik ate food with full satisfaction and then took a selfie with Samia and her husband. Samia became absolutely shocked to see Anik there but she couldn’t say a word clearly to him as there were so many relatives in the vicinity.

Post the food session, he brought out the ‘printed copy’ of the screenshots of their intimate messages during their relationship and then openly distributed to all those guests who were at the wedding and then he silently left the place.

Just imagine how Anik felt after knowing the actual reason for the breakup. How can a girl leave true love by accepting an unknown person for a luxurious life? How can a girl suddenly change her mind by giving a lame excuse for a break-up? We’ll just leave it to your imagination.

After Anik distributed the printed screenshots, he then did not contact Samia but whenever he remembers the Samia’s wedding day, it gives him peace for life.

(Disclaimer: We sourced the information on the story from some of the reliable websites, however, we have not been able to authenticate the story.)