This Auto driver returns Rs 10 lakh to Owner despite loan burden, gets rewarded

Taking other’s objects or property without their permission is called ‘Stealing’. In today’s world, we are hearing a lot of stories that a thief stole gold, money, bike, phone etc. But get ready to read a whole new story now.

An auto driver returned a bag having Rs 10 lakh which was left behind in his vehicle to its owners. After when he spotted money, he didn’t do what everyone probably imagined he would. He set an example of integrity.

Credits: TOI

Deeply touched by the gesture of honesty showed by 30-year-old J Ramulu, two brothers (owners) who run a grocery store in Siddipet, rewarded him Rs 10,000.

J Ramulu who is a tribal from Devarakonda in Nalgonda district came to know that a bag was left behind in the passenger seat after dropping off two passengers at Sri Ram Nagar Colony in Gachibowli on Wednesday.

“I opened the bag only to see wads of currency notes.I was scared but by that time, I had almost reached Jubilee Bus Station (JBS) in Secunderabad where I operate from. I realised that the two passengers who hired my auto at JBS and got down at Gachibowli had forgotten the bag of cash. I drove non-stop back to Sri Ram Nagar Colony where they had got down from the auto,” Ramulu told TOI.

“I could have enjoyed the amount for two years. But I do not want to lead such a life. So, I returned the cash,” Ramulu added.

It should be noted that Ramulu has to pay off Rs 1.5 lakh loan on his auto. He earns Rs 500 per day whereas his wife works as a labourer. The couple have two school-going children and running the home was not that easy. They have so much difficulties and in fact, they live in a rented house at LB Nagar.

Fortunately, the two passengers namely K Prasad and his brother K Kishore were at the same spot where Ramulu had dropped them. Interestingly, it was at the same time were police personnel are looking for the auto. Ramulu handed over the cash to the brothers in the presence of the policemen.

“We run a grocery store in Siddipet and have a small piece of land in Sri Ram Nagar Colony where we are constructing a house. We got Rs 10 lakh for construction work,” Prasad said.

He went on to say, “I suffered a fracture on my leg recently and while getting down from the auto I experienced severe pain. While tending to it, we forgot about the bag and left it behind in the auto we were travelling in.”

Some minutes later, the brothers became fully aware of it and then alerted the cops. Even as the cops were checking CCTV footages in their investigation to find the auto, Ramulu returned with the cash. “Ramulu’s act shows that there is still honesty in the world,” Prasad said.

Madhapur DCP A Venkateswara Rao heaped praises on Ramulu for his ‘act of honesty’.

(This article was originally published in The Times Of India)

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