Anupam Mittal replies after Fan compares Shark Tank India to “Sasural Simar Ka”

Ever since Shark Tank India was introduced to the Indian audience, everyone has been talking about the creative products and services that were displayed by the Entrepreneurs and innovators in the country. The platform has made it easy for small business owners in India to get exposure and big-time business deals. 

In General, the show has created a new sphere of opportunity in the country, one that was not present when the panellists of Shark Tank India were as amateur as the people they review now.

Many of the judges have managed to achieve success in their founding companies at a time when such a show was not around. Most of the judges are self-made successes that had to struggle before they owned million-dollar businesses.

However, in the latest development, apart From Aman Gupta’s BoAt, all the Shark Tank Judges have been suffering from major losses. The likes of Vineeta Singh, Ghazal Alagh, Anupam Mittal, Namita Thapar, Ashneer Grover Peyush Bansal and Amit Jain have been drowning in losses.

Anupam Mittal replies after Fan compares Shark Tank India to “Sasural Simar Ka”

After completing his MBA in the USA, Anupam worked for a business intelligence software company, MicroStrategy, as their Product Manager. He worked there till he founded People Group, of which he is also the CEO. He charges INR 7 lakh per episode as his fee. His current net worth is INR 185 crores.

Meanwhile, Shark Tank India fame Anupam Mittal got into an amusing verbal spat on Twitter. Anupam Mittal took to his Twitter handle on January 21 and then asked, “Is Twitter becoming the new Quora?”

The question drew several unusual answers but the one that caught Mittal’s attention reads, “Naah but Shark Tank is the new Sasural Simar Ka.”

Meanwhile, Mittal responded to the user who had alleged that Shark Tank India is the new Sasural Simar Ka and said, “Oh good for you since you clearly watch both.”

The user replied again, “I do and I did (for a while), it’s only after you’ve consumed sub-standard stuff, you realise the value of quality.”