Rats fully drank 1000L of seized alcohol at UP police station, cops are confused

In the latest news, rats have been accused of drinking seized alcohol that was stocked in a police station’s warehouse in UP’s Bareilly. According to the Cantonment police, the rats have ‘consumed’ around 1,000 litres of it.

The incident was revealed on Wednesday, 26 December, when the head clerk of the station entered the storeroom only to find many empty plastic bottles of liquor, police said he saw some destroyed bottles and rats escaping quickly away from the crime scene.

Credits: TeluguWishesh

However, a thorough investigation has been launched regarding this case. As per The Times of India, the liquor had been seized during raids on ‘illegal stores’ over a decade.”We will catch this gang of rats to ensure that they are not able to enter the malkhana (storeroom) in the future,”
Superintendent of police (city) Abhinandan Singh said.

Abhinandan added saying that while it was standard procedure to make sure that seized liquor is damaged after keeping a sample aside for legal purposes, he had written to the senior police officials many a time before to complain about the breach of such law, but sadly he got no response.

Well, this is not the first time that Rats have been accused of as in the previous year, Bihar cops claimed that rats had consumed nearly 9 lakh litres of liquor, seized from those breaking the Prohibition law.

In what was shocking news in June this year, that rats took small bites out of it and destroyed currency worth Rs 12 lakh in Assam, especially notes of Rs 500 and Rs 2,000. A Bihar minister had also blamed the crime rats for breaking embankments and causing flooding in the state last year.

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