Beware shopkeepers, woman using fake pregnant belly to keep grocery stuffs

Recently, a video has gone viral on social media, in which it is seen that a pregnant woman is on a flight and a man is sitting on the seat next to her. The pregnant woman does something in the flight which shocks the man. The woman is wearing a fake pregnant belly and is using it to keep grocery stuff. Its video is becoming quite viral on social media.

The viral video has been shared by Instagram handle st. angecouture. In the video, a pregnant woman is sitting on the flight wearing a blue top and white bottom. A man is sitting next to her. The woman suddenly has a craving for food, and she takes out snack items from her belly and starts eating them. The person sitting next to her is shocked to see the woman because the woman is not pregnant but she has used a fake pregnant belly.

In the video, a woman lifts her top to reveal a fake belly, from which she pulls out various snacks. The person next to her looks on in shock as she happily retrieves and enjoys the hidden treats. This surprising scene highlights a clever trick that shopkeepers should be aware of, as it could be used by anyone to discreetly take items from grocery stores without raising suspicion.

The caption of the viral video reads, ‘Am not sure this man will ever recover from this shock.’ After watching the video, users shared many types of reactions. A user writes, ‘If his wife tells him am pregnant, he’ll be confirming it daily.’

Another user writes, ‘Honestly, this looks like the best carry-on addition. A snack belt, & it’s a wearable item so it doesn’t count as a bag. I want one now.’

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