Christian missionaries tried converting Villagers, but villagers converted them to Hinduism

In the Warangal district of Telangana, a fascinating and uncommon event unfolded when Christian missionaries, who had arrived in the villages with the intention of converting locals to Christianity, experienced a surprising turn of events. Instead of achieving their goal, the missionaries themselves embraced Hinduism, and a video capturing this unique occurrence has gained traction on social media.

According to viral video and online sources, this video is said to be from Telangana. There is a crowd of many people in the video where he is showing some people applying tilak and also raising slogans of Jai Shri Ram. Actually, the people who are being made to sit and apply Tilak are Christian missionaries who had come to Warangal village in Telangana to convert the people of the village into Christians.

But the people of the village responded to this effort in a different way. The people of the village converted all those Christian missionaries into Hindus. Hindus converted them to the Hindu religion by sprinkling cow urine, applying Tilak Tilak, and chanting Jai Shri Ram.

Religion, whatever it may be, can be understood only by going deep into the conscience of a person. The villagers, with their self-confidence and temperament, fiercely defended their religion against prejudice and illiteracy. Thus, this incident is a reflection of a unique social relationship that can become a source of inspiration for Indian prosperity and harmony. The villagers’ assertiveness in preserving their faith against external influences is hailed as a symbol of social resilience and harmony.

The viral video has been shared by Arvind Kushwaha on ‘X’. Giving information about this video, he wrote, ‘My country is changing – Sanatan is awakening’. The viral video has been seen by many viewers and everyone has left many comments praising it.

A user ‘Nitin Mishra’ writes, ‘Jai Shri Ram’.

Another user writes, ‘Don’t beat them, treat them properly, these are people suffering from mental illness who have gone astray.’

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