Christian missionaries seen humiliating a girl on stage, Twitter user asks where women commission is?

Various differences of opinion about the soul have always existed in our society. Some people believe that the soul actually exists, while others believe it to be merely a religious or spiritual belief. This topic is controversial and has a variety of views. These days, a video is going viral on social media in which some Christian missionaries are expelling an evil spirit from a girl. The controversy surrounding this video centers on the question of whether it could actually happen or is just an experiment. As a result, the video has gone viral, and people are showing different types of reactions to it.

This video is from Punjab, in the viral video some Christian missionaries are seen expelling an evil spirit from a girl. The Christian asks the girl what has happened. What’s the problem? Are you in pain? After this, the girl lies down on the stage, the Christian missionary places his hands on the girl’s stomach and says, “I disconnect you from the girl’s stomach and private parts, Satan.” While saying this, he touches every body part of the girl. He places his hand on her and touches her. Looking at it, it appears that the girl is being abused.

After the video went viral, it has received a lot of criticism. Some people consider it a religious miracle, while others see it as a drama or entertainment. After watching this video, different types of reactions are coming out from the people.

One user writes, “An FIR should be lodged immediately against this fraudster and he should be put in jail. He tortured a country’s daughter and made her a victim of forced conversion. This woman and her associates along with him should be immediately put in jail. Should the daughters of India It is better to leave it to these fools.”

Others write, “This dirty soul knows Hindi, English, everything. I am Sanatani. I challenge the broker of this dirty soul to first put it in our leg and later take it out and show it!”

Another user writes, “He is sexually exploiting that girl, touching her private parts and sexually assaulting her.”

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