“I am pure vegetarian, I don’t even eat onion and Lehsun,” says Sudha Murthy

Sudha Murthy, a successful writer, novelist, and social activist, is a person who lives her life following her values and principles. Her autobiography and her thoughtful approach have made her a great thinker, and her vegetarian lifestyle is a unique aspect. She is extremely rich but still down to earth woman. Sudha Murthy told some facts about her food in an interview, the video of which is going viral on social media.

In one of the episodes of ‘Khaane Mein Kya Hai’, Sudha Murthy opened up about her love for vegetarian food and her cooking habits. Murthy says, ‘I am a pure vegetarian, I don’t even eat eggs or garlic. I am afraid that the same utensils may be used for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. That’s why whenever we go out we look for vegetarian restaurants only. ,

She further says, ‘I carry a bag full of food items in which I also keep a small cooker. I carry ready-to-eat foods that you just have to heat in water, I fry semolina and make it ready to eat, and I also keep poha. ‘ “When my Nani (grandmother) used to travel 60 years ago, I used to joke with her that why do you bring food with you, why can’t you eat out?” She would respond, “I’m used to it!” Now I behave like her! “I don’t care where I go; I always bring my own food,”

After watching this video of Sudha Murthy, left-liberals termed Sudha Murthy a ‘casteist’ for being a “pure vegetarian”. It was seen on many social media posts where Sudha Murthy was commented as a ‘casteist’ for being a “pure vegetarian”. An ‘opinionist bong’ Arpan resorted to abusing Mishra just for expressing his views as he had clearly called “vegetarianism racist”.

A ‘Gruchy Max’ shared a photo of the UK Prime Minister and Sudha Murthy’s son-in-law holding some non-veg food items and wrote, “Someone please tell Sudha Murthy not to touch her son-in-law, daughter and their children.”

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