AltBalaji’s next project is invites flakes, shows man in sexual relationship with sister, Grandma and other women

ALTBalaji, the Indian digital entertainment service provider, is all set to rock again with its new project by Ekta Kapoor. According to reports, the upcoming show will explore a unique perspective on a man’s life, delving into his relationships with his sister, grandmother, mother, and sister-in-law.

ALTBalaji which is targeted towards the 18-plus audience takes boldness to another level. The main central theme of this new project is ‘Incest in Hindu Religious Family’. It is intended to showcase the fraught relationships of various connections, such as those with sister, grandmother, mother, and sister-in-law.

Ekta Kapoor is an Indian television producer who is often famous for toxic saas-bahu serials. For which she has been awarded the fourth highest civilian award, Padma Shri. But the news of Ekta Kapoor’s new project along with Alt Balaji’s adult show has shocked many viewers due to which they are all dislike Ekta Kapoor and asking her to snatch the Padma Shri award.

It’s important to note that promoting content that involves incestuous relationships is highly controversial and can be offensive to many viewers. While Ekta Kapoor has been known for pushing boundaries in Indian television, such a theme raises ethical concerns and may lead to backlash. Viewer reactions suggest disappointment and shock, with some expressing their discontent and urging Kapoor to reconsider such content choices.

Users say, ‘Ekta Kapoor’s toxic Saas Bahu serials were not enough, so in the name of entertainment, she has now shown normalizing incest in Indian Hindu families. Gems of Bollywood shared this news through a post in which users have shared many reactions giving their views.

A user writes, ‘Looks like now family serials are going to B-grade movies in the Indian family system. ‘Pathetic.’

Another user writes, ‘Responsible for destroying our family system and culture. Shame on you @EktaaRKapoor.

Another user writes, ‘Shame on Ekta… This serial should be boycotted and banned from airring.’

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