Wife allegedly kills Husband as he asked wife not to make reels

In a recent unfolding incident in Bihar’s Begusarai district, a tragic sequence of occurrences transpired when a husband purportedly asked his wife to stop making reels on social media. Unfortunately, the situation escalated, resulting in the untimely demise of the husband. The deceased’s family members have accused the wife, adding another distressing chapter to a concerning trend. The rising popularity of creating reels on social media cuts across various age groups, encompassing children to the elderly. Sadly, this incident is not an isolated occurrence, as similar cases have emerged in the past, underscoring the intricate challenges associated with the impact of social media on interpersonal relationships.

In Bihar’s Begusarai, a woman aged around 20 allegedly hanged her 25-year-old husband Maheshwar Rai on Sunday night. It was reported that the reason behind this horrific act was his objection to her repeatedly making Instagram Reels. The victim worked as a laborer.

The victim was strangulated to death and hanged at her in-laws’ house in Fafaut village. This incident has shaken the village and created a feeling of surprise and shock among the local people. Police have started investigating the case and arrested the accused Rani Devi. SHO Mithilesh Kumar has said that their wife Rani has been taken into custody, while her relatives involved in the crime are currently absconding.

Maheshwar’s father Ram Pravesh said, “Rani wanted quick fame and money by making reels of her dance and other things. My son always objected but Rani did not pay attention.” Ram Pravesh shared that he became suspicious when Maheshwar’s brother told him that someone else answered his call, leading him to Rani’s house.

Many videos giving information about this matter are going viral on social media, seeing which users are shocked and are sharing various types of reactions. One user writes, ‘Throw her in jail for 30 years without Internet.’

Another user writes, ‘Bihar people are next level.’

Another user writes, ‘Marriage is a sin in today’s time, it is better to remain single and be happy.’

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