“I will kill Hindus anywhere I find them,” says a Muslim youth on camera

A video from Pakistan is going viral on social media. In a viral video, a Pakistani youth asks to kill a Hindu. He will not commit a crime against a Muslim but will kill a Hindu because he is a non-Muslim. After watching the viral video, users shared various reactions.

This viral video has been shared by Pakistanuntold on former Twitter ‘X’. The viral video is from Pakistan in which a Pakistani journalist talks with the general public and during the same conversation, a Pakistani Muslim youth expresses his hatred towards Hindus and talks about killing them.

According to the viral video, he says, ‘Look, you are a Muslim brother, I will not commit any crime against you because my heart will not agree. Pakistani journalist asks, can you commit crimes against Hindus? He says, ‘I can definitely do it, the moment I see them I feel like killing them because they are non-Muslims. And Hindus must be killed. ,

More than 50 thousand people have watched the viral video. The viral video has received more than 2 thousand likes and many users have shared various reactions after watching the video.

One user writes, ‘Then we were taught every religion wants peace. Thanks to the Social media era, most of our generation woke up to the hate towards us.

Another user writes, ‘And we are told to be secular and tolerant. What an irony!!!’

Another user writes, ‘So much hate, what is wrong with people?’

Another user writes, ‘He then should have asked him, Muslims in other countries who are not Muslims should be given the same treatment? What’s wrong with Muslims?’

Another user writes, ‘According to this #Pakistani Boy Hindus are to be killed as they are Hindus. This is the Teaching of Islam?’

Another user writes, ‘This is what their hadiths teach communists and leftists should read them and not use the satanic death cult as a voting bank.’

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