Bihar: Police Inspector establishes sexual affairs with the wife of landlord, threatens him of dire consequences

A shocking case has come to light from Bhojpur, Bihar. Where a police inspector established immoral relations with his landlord’s wife and after being caught, threatened to kill the husband. He also got his name in illegally recovering money from the sand and liquor mafia. The victim applied to the DIG of the Shahabad area. Considering the seriousness of the matter, DIG Naveen Chandra Jha suspended the accused inspector.

The victim said that Manoj Pathak had come to Nainijor OP police station about two years ago as a police station officer. He approached us, requesting accommodation as a tenant since we were a family consisting of just a husband, wife, and children. We agreed and provided him with a room. Everything seemed ordinary for nearly a year. However, during this period, he assigned me the role of a personal driver for the police station, often sending me on night patrols. Simultaneously, he regularly monitored the location of my mobile phone.

Meanwhile, he engaged in an extramarital affair with the landlord’s wife. He further explains, “I remained oblivious to this for an extended period, even after his transfer. Despite the considerable distance of approximately 46 kilometers from my village to the district headquarters, he continued commuting from here. It was only a few months ago that I learned about this through the children. One day, I caught them in the act, and in response, Manoj Pathak physically assaulted me and issued threats of harm. The victim subsequently filed a written complaint with the DIG of the Shahabad area, leading to a two-day suspension for Manoj Pathak and his transfer to the Dehri Police Line.”

The victim has been visiting the police station every day for many days to lodge an FIR but is not getting any help from the police. The victim made another allegation and said, ‘Manoj Pathak and Montu Ohja, accompanied by four or five individuals, attempted to forcefully unlock the door of my secured residence, aiding the sand and liquor mafias in concealing illicit goods within my premises. Someone in my village informed me then I immediately informed DSP about it. He further says, ‘If I was murdered then Manoj Pathak, my wife, and Montu Ohja will be responsible. I will also give this in writing to DIG. ‘He is spreading all this information to everyone according to a video.

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