CEO Gives Lit Reply after Guy asks for ‘Late-Night Party Leave’

We often come across the word “Freedom” nowadays in workplaces and not every employee gets such freedom at work. However, having freedom in the workplace fosters an environment where workers feel motivated to think creatively and contribute innovative ideas.

In fact, it paves the way for the experimentation and exploration of new approaches to problem-solving, which makes the company grow to the next level. Meanwhile, providing employees with a degree of freedom in how they approach their work can contribute to morale and job satisfaction.

It is quite obvious that when employees feel trusted and empowered, they are likely to be more engaged and motivated. Workplace freedom often involves flexibility in work hours, locations, and methods. This flexibility is essential for employees to better balance work and personal life, leading to improved well-being and increased job satisfaction.

Organizations that provide a sense of freedom are often more attractive to potential employees. The ability to work in an environment that values individual contributions and personal growth can be a significant factor in talent retention and recruitment.

CEO Gives Lit Reply after Guy asks for ‘Late-Night Party Leave’

Meanwhile, one of the employees of Unstop messaged his CEO, Ankit Aggarwal to get a day’s leave because he was partying late at night which came to a close at 4 A.M. The CEO of Unstop took to the LinkedIn portal to share the conversation and his actual reaction to the matter.

“Hi Ankit, good morning. After a long time I want to request you for a late night party leave. I went to a concert and the party is still on. Sorry. I will be in the office on Friday. I will speak to all the teams in the afternoon,” read the screenshot on WhatsApp.

CEO Gives Lit Reply after Guy asks for ‘Late-Night Party Leave’

Meanwhile, the CEO replied, “This landed in my WhatsApp today morning. An employee asking for a leave because the party and its after party are still on. This openness is critical within a team so that you can trust your team and they are ensured that you will back them.”

“When colleagues feel comfortable being open and honest with each other, it builds a foundation of trust that can lead to better communication, collaboration, and overall success,” he further added.

While workplace freedom is valuable, it’s important to strike a balance. Too much freedom without clear goals or guidelines can lead to chaos, lack of direction, and potential inefficiencies.