Mohammed Juwel, from Bangladesh, attempted to exploit 12-year-old British Girl

Recently, a shocking case has come to light from London, UK, the video of which is going viral on social media. A Bangladeshi Muslim youth tried to exploit a 12-year-old British girl. When caught by the London police, he staged a heart attack so that he could manipulate the officers.

Shunya has shared the viral video on Twitter. In video, UK police arrest Bangladeshi accused of trying to molest 12-year-old British girl. When the accused is caught, he apologizes to the London Police and tries to manipulate them, apologizes while holding his leg and when that doesn’t work, he falls on the ground pretending to have a heart attack at the end of the video.

The accused has been identified as Mohammed Juwel who is from Bangladesh but is currently in London. And in London, he tried to carry out such a heinous act but he is now in police custody. At the end of the viral video, three female officers arrest the accused based on evidence of trying to exploit a 12-year-old girl. This is not the first case, many such cases come to light every day in which such illiterate people try to make minor girls their victims.

The viral video has received more than 3 lakh views and more than 1 thousand likes. After watching the video, users expressed their views and shared various types of reactions. A user writes, ‘These female cops seem a lot tougher than the blokes who arrest them good on them.’

Another user writes, ‘All these pedophiles are called Mohammed and have “heart attacks” when arrested.’

Another user writes, ‘They always have the same drama. England should introduce a subject to every refugee taker so that they can understand it is not okay to have a friendly or a lover relationship with a teenage child.’-

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