Watch: Bangladesh overcrowded trains crossing each other, internet goes crazy

The railway tracks of Bangladesh are crowded with several thousand passengers every day, but recently a video went viral on the internet in which the crowding of trains in Bangladesh has been shown amazingly. Two trains are overloaded with passengers and crossing each other. This video is going viral on social media platforms and has shocked people.

This is not the first video, many such videos have been seen before. Ravi Aggarwal has shared the viral video on Twitter. In the video, one train is passing under the bridge and the other train is passing over the bridge, crossing each other. Both the trains are badly crowded with people. Due to the lack of space inside the train, people are sitting crowded even on the roof of the train.

This scene is a common problem for Bangladesh’s overpopulated and train services. People have to face dense communities and overcrowding while travelling by trains, which can put their safety and public health at risk. Overcrowding of trains caused by overpopulation is not only a local problem but is also a major social and economic problem.

This is a very surprising video. After watching the video, users have shared many reactions expressing surprise. Garnering over 16 thousand views and approximately 1 thousand likes, the viral footage continues to captivate audiences across social media platforms.

A user writes, ‘When did Bangladesh become an Islamic country? As far as I know, democracy is widely practised in Bangladesh.

Another user writes, ‘Most polluted and populated country on earth second number is India and the third is Pakistan.’

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