Meet Shreyaansh Gupta, Rahul, Prasoon score 99 percentile in CAT Exam, let’s praise them

Lucknow and Kanpur students have performed really well in the Common Admission Test (CAT) 2019 exam. Shreyaansh Gupta, who is a final year undergraduate student pursuing Mathematics and Scientific Computing from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur came through with flying colours as he scored 99.99 percentile in his first attempt itself.

“I was able to easily cruise the quantitative section (QA) which I finished well before time as the questions involved general Mathematical concepts. However, the Data Interpretation/Logical Reasoning section was a tough one to crack as it has been one of the most difficult sections over the past few years. The Verbal Ability section was the trickiest and scoring well in that section was crucial to getting such a high percentile,” added Shreyaansh who was trained under Ashish Sinha, the director of TIME Lucknow and Kanpur.

Credits: HT

“My CAT score is according to my expectations as I was giving mock tests of TIME and was scoring 99.5+ in it. I always dreamt of doing MBA from the top IIMs and I am elated on getting such a good score. It has definitely boosted my confidence in my abilities and I look forward to the Group Discussion and Personal Interview rounds with renewed vigour,” said Shreyaansh who went to TIME coaching institute.

Rahul Sharma of Team Satyam also scored 99.99 percentile at the CAT 2019 exam. “Cracking Common Admission Test (CAT) requires regular practice over a period of six to eight months and frequent mock tests to identify flaws. The right guidance can help students, willing to put in effort, really achieve their full potential,” he said.

Team Satyam claimed that four of their students from their coaching institute secured a 99+ percentile score, with more than 23 students getting more than a 90 percentile. Vaibhav Tiwari secured 99.77 percentile, Aditya Mohan scored 99.26 percentile, Abhishek Paul secured 99.05 percentile, Anany Sharma scored 98.40 percentile, Monisha Purwar scored 97.90 percentile and Diksha socred 97.12 percentile

Prasoon Botham who scored 99.88 percentile had started preparation in June 2019 when he joined TIME Lucknow for a month of class. He then did his engineering from MNNIT Allahabad in Computer science. Only in his maiden attempt at the test, he was able to score his best marks. He also went on to thank his parents, teachers and friends for their support. Finally, all his hard work bore fruit.

“This was my first attempt at the test and I scored 99.88 percentile. I was decent at maths and logical aptitude but had lost touch with English so I focused more on the latter. CAT is all about being consistent in your preparation and keeping calm on D-day. Solving mocks and analysing them thoroughly helps a lot. I would thank my parents, friends and teachers for their constant support. Hard work really does pay off,” Prasoon added.