Fan says, “I wish I was rich enough to take you out for dinner”, Mayanti reacts!

Mayanti Langer, based in Delhi, is the daughter of Lieutenant-General Sanjiv Langer (Retired) of the Indian Army. She kicked off her career with Star Sports in 2006. In 2010, she hosted the prestigious Commonwealth Games in Delhi followed by the ICC Cricket World Cup in 2011, the same year India won the trophy.

In 2012, she married Stuart Binny, the Indian all-rounder. Mayanti has been the face of Indian cricket broadcasting for years now and also made several appearances in the Indian Premier League (IPL). Her knowledge does not pertain only to cricket but also to football.

Mayanti Langer who is one of the famous faces of the Indian cricket broadcast has previously worked for many shows on Zee Network. In 2010, she was a host of the FIFA World Cup broadcast in India.

Fan says, "I wish I was rich enough to take you out for dinner", Mayanti reacts!

Meanwhile, one of the fans took to his Twitter handle and then posted a tweet featuring beautiful anchor Mayanti Langer. “When I see you. I don’t mind watching IPL. You are a perfect blend of class & personality. I wish I was influential enough to take you to dinner. I don’t have words to say how beautiful you are,” the person had commented.

However, Mayanti came up with an epic reply as she responded to the tweet by saying, “Thank You! My husband and I would love to join you” Fans have highly appreciated her reply and they have called her the ‘Best Wife’.

There were several occasions when Mayanti Langer defended her husband whenever he has been on the receiving end of trolls on social media. Earlier, one Twitter user asked her where her husband Stuart Binny is nowadays. Another user wrote, “He is helping her in carrying her baggage.”

“I can carry my own baggage thank you very much 😃 he’s busy living his life, playing cricket, just being awesome in general, and not passing comments on people he doesn’t know,” she wrote.