“17yr old Pakistan Hindu school topper wants to become doctor, seeks help from PM Modi”

This story is very interesting. And there is a story that will leave you wondering if this is really possible. As we all know that the slogan of the Modi government is “Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao”. With the help of this trust from the Government of India, a Hindu daughter from Pakistan is pleading. This Hindu daughter about whom we are telling you, tells the govt “Please do something for me,”. A 17-year-old girl, a victim of crimes in Pakistan, came to India after saving her life. She worked hard and got more than 90% in her intermediate exams. She wants to become a doctor, but rules and regulations are blocking her way. The system is breaking her dreams of becoming a doctor, and she is pleading with the government.

A Pakistani Hindu girl said, “Now should I give up my dreams of becoming a doctor? Should I give up my career? I had been struggling for two years and was taking coaching from Akash Coaching Centre. Should I give up all that coaching? This is not possible. Please do something for me.” No matter where the children are, they don’t look good when they cry. Mashal Maheshwari, 17 years old, is a Pakistani Hindu. Endured the troubles of being a Hindu in Pakistan, then showed India the future. But today, Mashal’s dreams are being punished for being Pakistani. She wants to become a doctor, but the rules say that she cannot study in India. It is being said from the side of the system that there is no quota for admission to foreign nationals in government medical or engineering colleges. Mashal and his family were hoping that maybe the government would take some relief steps for the Hindu family from Pakistan. I sent many emails to the PM and Health Minister. The only appeal of the Hindu girl is that whatever should be done should be done quickly; she says that “there is no relation between these two countries; she is just career-minded.” My dream of becoming a doctor should be fulfilled soon. As soon as the due dates for the colleges have come. If I can’t apply here, then I might not be able to do that either, which means my year will be wasted. And I don’t want to waste another year.”

Mashal’s parents are doctors, and they are residents of Hyderabad, Pakistan. After daily atrocities in Pakistan, one day Mashal’s father was kidnapped. The whole family somehow escaped to India after saving their lives. They thought the future of the children would be better, but the struggles of life were there as well, and Mashal’s family also met Home Minister Rajnath Singh in Delhi. The Ministry of Home Affairs has assured that the system will fully assist in the matter of Mashal. But the question is, how many such Pakistani Hindu daughters will there be? How many girls will there be whose dreams are being eclipsed? If the Indian system does not help such families who have escaped from Pakistan, then who will?

Finally, the dream of ‘Mashal’ seems to be getting fulfilled. Mashal has been offered a medical seat following the initiative of Indian External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj. Mashal has been offered this medical seat in Karnataka. After knowing Mashal’s story, Sushma Swaraj reached out to her and gave her a big assurance. He wrote on her Twitter, “Mashaal, don’t be upset, my girl. I will take up the matter of your admission to medical college personally”. She tweeted this on Sunday. After this, while tweeting again on Monday, Sushma Swaraj said, “Mashal, I am watching you on CNN News. You can call me at this number: 011-23794344. I am waiting for your call”. Later, speaking on the telephone, Sushma Swaraj asked for Mashal’s certificate through email and offered her a medical seat in Karnataka.

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