“My Husband doesn’t bathe, I want to register an FIR against Judge Sahab” Wife drags husband to court

Compromises in every marriage relationship are common and part of it, but sometimes this relationship faces strange problems. A similar unique case has come to light recently, the video of which is also going viral on social media. A wife is getting divorced from her husband because her husband does not take a bath for months and does not maintain cleanliness. Being troubled by this, she has taken this decision.

The viral video has been shared by Ramsa Dhani on Instagram. In the video, a man wearing a yellow T-shirt and black lowers is sitting on the ground looking distressed, with one hand bandaged. According to the information received from the video, this case is probably from Rajasthan.

According to the wife’s claim, her husband had refused to take a bath for a long time or brush his teeth for weeks, due to which the woman was feeling very uncomfortable at home. Despite this, she explained to her husband several times, but it made no difference. In the end, she had to choose the path of getting her rights through the court. Now this case is being reviewed in court but no result has come till now.

Hygiene and bathing are important parts of a healthy and enjoyable life. The practice of daily bathing is essential for good health. By bathing, all the remaining dust, feces, and other wastes from the skin of the body are removed, due to which the active germs and bacteria on the body are eliminated and no disease occurs soon.

The viral video has received more than 18 million views and more than 2 lakh likes. The matter is a bit strange and after watching the video, netizens have shared a lot of hilarious reactions. Such cases keep coming up on social media every day but no one knows the facts behind this case nor does anyone claim it, maybe it was made only to get content, hence we do not confirm it.

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