“My Husband works as Railway engineer and he steals clothes from coaches,” Says wife

A unique case has come to light where a wife has openly revealed a shocking and mysterious fact about her husband’s work. In this case, the wife said that her husband works as a Railway engineer, and he has stolen railway towels, bedsheets, and blankets. The wife has also released a video of the stolen goods going viral on social media.

Senior Division Security Commissioner Bhopal Prashant Yadav said that an investigation into the matter has been started after the woman’s complaint. Whatever facts emerge after the investigation, action will be taken against the accused accordingly. According to the viral video, while cleaning for Eid, the accused’s wife opened a box in which about 30 towels and 6 blankets of the Indian Railways, and all the bedsheets were kept. Along with this, the luggage of a big hotel in Delhi was also kept. ‘My husband had stolen all this stuff and kept it hidden’, she said.

Further, according to the video, the wife confronts the accused husband and asks him to return the government goods due to which the accused gets angry and physically assaults her. Disturbed by the situation, the wife decided to address the issue by contacting the Railway authorities via her mobile phone, reaching out to the GRPF, and reporting the mishap regarding railway goods. In a video that quickly spread across social media, the concerned woman also displayed a screenshot of the complaint she filed through the Railway’s mobile application.

According to the Railway Property Act 1966, if someone is found stealing railway goods, strict action can be taken. There is a provision of both fine and jail for stealing or damaging railway property. For this, there can be a jail term of one to five years. At the same time, the minimum fine can be up to one thousand rupees. The Railway Court decides the maximum fine. The viral video has spread on social media, and so far the video has received millions and lakhs of views and likes.

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