3D animation video shows how the Titanic ship submerged after an iceberg hit

Throughout the annals of maritime history, countless vessels have met their demise beneath the waves. Yet, among them, none commands as much attention as the Titanic. This was the most luxurious ship of its time. Recently, a 3D animation video has gone viral on social media in which it is shown how the Titanic ship sank.

The builders of this ship had described it as unsinkable. But it sank during its maiden voyage in 1912. 1,500 people lost their lives in this accident. The Titanic ship accident has inspired numerous songs and books, as well as the Oscar-winning film “Titanic.” The sinking of Titanic has also carried with it conspiracy theories, but through this video, you will see how Titanic sank.

According to the video, ‘The sinking of Titanic was an accident. The ship collided with an icy reef. After this collision, water started filling inside the ship. The Titanic ship was left standing upright in the sea and then broke into two pieces and sank as well. It was discovered in the ocean near Newfoundland, Canada in 1985, 73 years after the accident.

The 3D animation presentation vividly portrays the incident of that day closer to reality. After hitting an iceberg, the Titanic’s ship slowly sinks, accompanied by the screams and commotion of the passengers trapped inside the boat. The video takes viewers through the harrowing moments of Titanic’s horrific sinking that saw thousands of people drowning along with the boat.

The construction work of the Titanic started on 31 March 1909. This ship was built at the Harland & Woolf Shipyard located in Belfast, Northern Ireland. At that time, the cost of constructing Titanic was 7.5 million dollars, which today is equal to 192 million dollars (about 14 billion rupees). This ship had 16 watertight compartments, which could be closed when the ship was filled with water. In this way, this ship was designed thinking ahead of its time.

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