Popular Youtuber Afghan Bhaijaan reportedly killed by Taliban for speaking against Pakistan?

If you are active on social media, even moderately, you must have noticed Afghan Bhaijaan who was known for his peculiar laughter. He often uploaded videos making fun of the Pakistan government and Pakistan media. His laughter was something that drew public attention.

The videos of Afghan Bhaijaan were mostly consumed by Indians and he had turned a star amongst the youth. He often expressed his views on ongoing developments around the world. The videos looked funnier as he started them with his contagious laughter.

But there is heartbreaking news. If social media users are to be believed, the worst has happened. Several users on social media posted that Afghan Bhai is no more. He was killed by Taliban terrorists, considering that he was quite popular on YouTube.

When The Youth talked to them, they confirmed that they received input from some locals who use social media. Taliban declared “war was over” as president Asraf Ghani fled the country without giving a tough fight to the terror group.

Ashraf Ghani belonged to a left-leaning political party and he often showed sympathy with Taliban fighters. Ghani had close relations with Pak ISI before he became the President. Reports also believe that the president fled the country with 4 cars and a helicopter, full of money and gold.

check out the tweets below:


Watch the video below:

Note: The Youth attempted to reach out to Afghan officials for a comment over it. But we couldn’t get any statement from them. We so far have no official evidence needed to verify this news. If the grave news is true, this is indeed heart wrenching for all Indians.