Man caught raping a Male dog, but people recorded everything on their camera

These days, society has witnessed a significant increase in disgusting incidents. Every day, we hear or see cases of rape involving thousands and even lakhs of individuals.

However, a recent case has come to the fore which is not only shameful but also raises questions on the mentality of humans. An old Haji raped a dog, and some people recorded it on camera and shared it on social media, which is now rapidly going viral.

This is extremely disgraceful. Until now, not only were women unsafe, but after watching this video it seems that even the animals are not safe. For a person who is filled with lust, it doesn’t matter who they engage in such acts with; their only concern is their own satisfaction, regardless of the partner. In the video, it can be seen, how this old man has restrained that innocent dog with the help of a belt. He has wrapped the belt around its neck and is holding it tightly.

As the person recording the video approaches him, he stops nervously and quickly starts putting on his pants, and removes the belt from the dog’s neck. The person making the video is rightfully enraged by this disgusting act and even hits the elderly man.

This is not only a shameful act but also reveals how degraded human thinking and mentality have become in today’s times. The accused should be punished for this disgusting act.

This video has been posted by Azzat AL Salim on his Twitter account, along with the caption, “This Haji was caught raping a dog. What a peaceful culture!” Additionally, more than 1 lakh individuals have watched this video so far and various responses can be seen after watching it. The reaction of some people is showing their anger as well as requesting to punish the accused for this heinous incident. Also tagging PETA India in this video. Some users are expressing their emotional feelings for the innocent dog.

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