Bengaluru’s girl design using pipes can harvest 200 litres rainwater without tanks

Sourcing drinking water is a major setback faced by victims of flood-affected areas, especially in areas of Assam. After learning the problem, a city-based Undergraduate student has come up with an innovative design that will soon aid victims harvest and store rainwater.

Yes, a six-inch pipe is all that is needed and it can collect and store 200 litres of water. The PVC pipes are arranged in such a way that they blend with the aesthetics of the concrete house and also provide functional value during crises.

Credits: Times of India

“A family can survive for at least a week with this water,” Tanisha Acharya, who is a final-year student of Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology, told TOI.

Tanisha is now pursuing a degree in industrial arts and design practice and her pipe design was showcased at the Bangalore International Centre on Saturday.

Tanisha and thirteen of her classmates had visited Assam in February as part of their UG thesis project in order to effectively understand the issues encountered by people living in remote areas of the state.

Tanisha took one step further in her project when she interacted with members of the Mishing tribe in North Lakhimpur district of Assam and it was when she realised the shortage of drinking water during floods was a major setback.

“When floods hit these areas every year, we realised it takes at least four days to a week for relief materials to reach the people. In that time, they struggle for drinking water, which can lead to a string of other problems at the time of a disaster,” Tanisha explained.