Former Indian cricketer who got married at the age of 66, reveals his honeymoon destination…

The life of a cricketer is one not less of any glitz and glamour. They are constantly under the lens of their fans and the media. They are always on the news and fans are very inquisitive not just about their professional lives but also about their personal lives and relationships.

Former India cricketer Arun Lal married Bul Bul Saha in Kolkata earlier this year. According to the reports and pics that surfaced on social media, the wedding took place at Peerless Inn in the city.

The reports also claimed Saha to be a long-time friend of Lal, who after fighting cancer took charge of coaching duties of the Bengal cricket team. For the unversed, the former cricketer was earlier married to Reena but parted ways with mutual consent.

Former Indian cricketer who got married at the age of 66, reveals his honeymoon destination...

Arun Lal reveals his honeymoon destination

Yes, you read right it right! The former India cricketer Arun Lal got married for the second time at the age of 66. The wedding ceremony was a private affair that happened in Lal’s home city of Kolkata on 2nd May 2022.

Arun Lal wants to take a break from cricket for a while at the moment. Moreover, he revealed his honeymoon destination while speaking to Zee News. He said he can’t wait to travel all the way to Turkey with his wife. He also added that he hasn’t travelled anywhere ever since he got married for the second time.

“I want to travel to Turkey with my wife. I haven’t travelled anywhere since the wedding. I want to give myself and my wife some time. Besides, I am going to Darjeeling, Kalimpong very soon. Bulbul is a school teacher, we will go out as soon as she gets his school holidays,” he added.

“I was tired. I’ve had to think about cricket all the time for the last 9 months. Not a moment went by that I was able to think of anything beyond the game. So this time I want to give myself some time. I want to give time to my family. That’s why I made this decision,” he said.