Meet World’s biggest donors towards COVID-19 Relief funds

Amid the nationwide lockdown owing to the fast-spreading COVID-19 outbreak, homeless and daily wage workers, who migrate to big cities from their home towns in search of jobs, are combating hunger for survival.

With the situation in India had gone from bad to worse, celebrities, entrepreneurs, businessmen rose to the occasion by doing their best to help the nation fight the coronavirus pandemic.

There have been 84,000+ confirmed coronavirus cases in India on Monday, including 2,700+ deaths. So far 27,920 people have recovered from the coronavirus epidemic.

With governments across the entire world struggle to fight the coronavirus pandemic, a number of high profile public figures stepped up to help the struggle against the viral outbreak.

Many Indian Entrepreneurs stepped forward to contribute towards efforts to fight the deadly outbreak in the country.

One of the massive contributors among them is Wipro’s founder Azim Premji. He needs no introduction at all. he is India’s leading business tycoons and is known for his philanthropic nature.

Credits: Business Today

As per Forbes list of top 10 private donations, Azim Premji has become the world’s third-biggest private donor to join India’s fight against the coronavirus pandemic crisis.

In fact, he is the only Indian in the top 10, a list which primarily comprises US billionaires.

At the beginning of April itself, Azim Premji has pledged a staggering amount of Rs 1,125 crore towards India’s fight against the coronavirus epidemic. The money was donated with the aim of helping the medical and service fraternity including the ones belonging to economically backwards sections of society.

Of this Rs 1,125 crore ($132 million), the Azim Premji Foundation donated a total of Rs 1000 crores, Wipro reportedly donated Rs 100 crore and Wipro Enterprises has committed Rs 25 crore to assist the battle against the deadly outbreak.

As per Forbes’ data, 77 billionaires donated to several causes that have to do with coronavirus relief by April end.

Twitter’s CEO, Jack Dorsey tops the list like a boss as he has donated $1 billion (Rs 7,549 crore) to fight against the pandemic.

The second on the list is Microsoft founder Bill Gates along with Melinda Gates. They have donated a whopping $255 million (approximately Rs 1,925 crore) towards the COVID-19 relief funds.