Passenger forces everyone to say “I am slave of Allah”, the whole plane had to land in Sydney

A video is going viral on social media. In which a person boarding a Malaysian Airlines plane describes himself as a slave of Allah. And also asks other co-passengers and members of the cabin crew to say “Allah’s slave”. And if everyone didn’t do it, he would blow up the plane.

Kuala Lumpur-bound flight MH122 had to return to Sydney, Australia, due to the inconvenience caused by the passenger, who identified himself as Mohammed. The flight had 194 passengers and a crew of five members on board. After landing back in Sydney, the individual was apprehended by the Australian Federal Police.

In the viral video, Mohammad can be heard saying, “My name is Mohammad, I am a slave of Allah,” and asking, “Are you a slave of Allah, say it, say it.” He threatened the passengers and cabin crew by pointing at them. The Muslim man then “opened his bag and threatened to find something dangerous inside”. Media reports suggest that later the crew members present on the flight checked his backpack and did not find any explosive device in it.

Due to safety concerns, the flight commander decided to return to Sydney. Malaysia Airlines places a high value on the safety and comfort of its passengers and flight crew. The aircraft will be thoroughly inspected by the authorities. The airline stated that passengers would be moved to the next accessible flight as soon as authorization is granted by the authorities.

Amy Mek Twitter user and journalist while sharing this news also shares some of her views from her perspective. Addressing the topic of ‘Slaves,’ she raises a point about the media’s tendency to overlook the fact that followers of Islam are often encouraged to emulate the lifestyle of their historical figure, Prophet Muhammad. This historical figure is known to have engaged in the practice of owning and trading slaves. Historical records indicate that he acquired slaves through battles and also had intimate relationships with some of them. Additionally, he reportedly advised his male companions to follow similar practices. Muslim men are actually told more verses in the Quran about how they can keep women as sexual slaves (4) than they are told how to pray five times a day (zero).”

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