IAS Officer leaves his job to educate under privileged children

Former collector of Jabalpur, Dr. Roman Saini’s story is one which is bound to inspire many to do something good for the welfare of the society. To help all those students who cannot afford IAS related education, he launched an online institution by the name “Unacademy” and has been providing not just IAS related education, but coaching in various fields.

Picture Source: India Today

Another shocking thing about Mr Saini is that he had turned an IAS officer at a tender of 22. He also became the youngest to clear the pre medical examination and a doctor at the highly reputed AIIMS. When he visited a village in 2011 as a part of the medical camp and then he realised how much people were struggling in such meteor towns.

He runs the Unacademy website with the help of his friend Gaurav Munjal and is doing a spectacular job, gaining great popularity on social networking websites such as Facebook, Quora, Instagram and Youtube. When his popularity increased, he decided to quit the IIT job and focus completely on becoming a full time educator.

There are closely 400 videos in his portal and is currently having more than 1 Million subscribers on Youtube, which indeed is a significant number to achieve. His channel provides a great platform for all those students who cannot afford costly coaching or materials required to prepare for competitive exams.

He covers almost all main aspects like Geography, Physics, History, Politics, Arts, Environment, Ecology, Biodiversity etc.

Financial conditions becoming a barrier to educational progress is a common sight in our country, but from many years we have failed to bring a solution to this thing. Here’s a young 25 year old, who is showing way for this generation people to not just settle yourself well, but also to help your surroundings to improve and live a sophisticated life.

We all salute you Mr Saini, keep doing the great job!


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