Pakistani influencer Shayan Ali celebrates Hindu New Year, says Hare Krishna

Pakistan’s video content creator and social media influencer Shayan Ali recently celebrated the Hindu New Year and said ‘Hare Krishna’ on the occasion. He shared a video on his social media profile, in which he was seen sharing Hindu New Year wishes and also serving Hindu vegetarian food.

According to online sources, last year Shayan Ali renounced Islam and converted to Hinduism. In several previous revelations, Shayan Ali had shared the circumstances due to which he had to flee Pakistan. After refusing to participate in a PR music video on Kashmir proposed by the Pakistani intelligence agency, ISI, he revealed that he was falsely accused of being a Jewish agent and a member of the Indian intelligence agency, RAW.

According to previous reports, Shayan Ali, who applies Hindu tilak on his forehead, calls himself a great devotee of Shri Krishna. He explains, “After being forced to leave Pakistan in 2019 due to harassment by Pakistani agencies, I sank into deep depression and was on the verge of surrender. But then, ‘Krishna’ reached me, and now I must give back to my ancestors and bring them respect.”

Along with this, Shayan Ali said that ‘being a Sanatani, I want to make it clear that I will not be a part of hatred towards any other religion. I respect your beliefs, and I want you to respect mine because my Gita teaches me to respect every person, no matter his religion!’

Shayan Ali has shared the viral video on his Twitter with the caption, ‘Hindu New Year kee ShubhKamnayein With some delicious prasad in my Mandir’. The video has received more than 30 thousand views and 5 thousand likes so far. After watching the video, users have shared a huge number of comments and various reactions. Shayan Ali’s celebration of the Hindu New Year and his message of religious tolerance have garnered positive responses from viewers worldwide.

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