Pakistani reaction after World Celebrities come to India to attend Ambani’s wedding

Prominent faces from all over the world are attending a huge pre-wedding ceremony of the Ambani family in India, which has left Pakistanis quite shocked to see it. The reactions of the people of Pakistan on this occasion are varied, but the reactions of Pakistani citizens are visible on the rapidly developing social media platforms. A content creator from Pakistan shared a similar reaction video.

Syed Ahmed Raza recently shared a viral video expressing his astonishment at Anant Ambani’s pre-wedding footage. In his reaction video, Syed appeals to the Ambani family, suggesting that elaborate celebrations should be kept private rather than captured on camera. Because we feel bad that we are already so poor and then we also feel that we are poor. I have been feeling this every day for a week.,

He further says, ‘As soon as we look at social media, we realize that Mark Zuckerberg has also come and Rihanna has come. Where did so much money come from, friend? These people have fun, they do whatever they want, they order whatever they feel like eating, but we have to think before telling our wife. Anant Ambani has tamed the elephant, he has shown the entire documentary and the elephant also listens to him. And we have gone to the zoo twice and got beaten there too.’

Furthermore, ‘No one from Pakistan was invited to Anant Ambani’s wedding. Our masters Riwaaz, Mia Mansa, and Nawaz Sharif are also rich, we have heard since childhood that they are very rich, but they too were not invited. I think you are not rich until Ambani invites you to his event. By the blessings of Allah, I have everything, a car, a wife, a house but I do not have Indian nationality and Ambani will only ever invite me to his events. Because of Ambani, India’s culture is being seen all over the world and no one knows about Pakistan.’

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