Gwalior: Man domesticates Lizard, goes viral on social media

Gwalior: You must have often seen dogs and cats being petted, but has anyone ever seen a lizard being petted? A man has taken an unconventional approach by adopting a lizard as a pet, integrating it into his home. However, the video is becoming quite viral on social media. Their friendship has reached a point where separation seems inconceivable, showcasing the remarkable connection between man and lizard.

According to the information, the young man’s name is Dinesh and he works as a labourer outside Jayarogya Hospital. Young Dinesh Lodhi loves lizards more than himself. In the video, a small lizard is stuck on the sleeve of his jacket. This particular lizard has evolved into a unique companion for Dinesh, demonstrating a bond that goes beyond the typical human-pet relationship. However, the lizard also understands his language.

According to the video, he says, ‘About a month ago, a lizard came into Dinesh Lodhi’s clothes while he was sleeping at night. At first, he took off his clothes thinking it was a rat, but when Dinesh saw, there was a lizard in it. He tried to chase away the lizard, but tinny Lizzie refused to abandon her best friend and the two have been seen together ever since. Dinesh says that the lizard stays with him the whole day. She keeps roaming freely on his body. Besides this, he told that the lizard sleeps on the bed with him. The lizard holds a special place in his heart and he keeps it with him all the time.

Due to extreme cold in Gwalior, when Dinesh lights a bonfire on the footpath outside his house, a lizard settles on his clothes to enjoy the warmth. Dinesh becomes restless when the lizard roams around for some time. Almost a month has passed since their friendship started. Now that his life was entwined with the lizard, Dinesh couldn’t separate them.

NDTVMPC has shared the viral video on Instagram. The viral video has received lakhs of views and thousands of likes. After watching the viral video, users shared various kinds of reactions.

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