Internet stunned as Passenger shares Indigo flight seats without cushion

A passenger on an Indigo Airlines flight has shared a post on social media in which he shows that there was no cushion on the chair. This incident has created a stir on the internet and has left people astonished. Airlines responded to his tweet on the viral post.

Shah captioned the post, “Beautiful @IndiGo6E – I hope I land safely! This is your flight 6E 6465 from Bengaluru to Bhopal.” In the picture she shared, there was no cushion on 2 seats. Due to this, the passengers had to face problems. The viral post has been viewed by millions of people so far and this number is increasing.

IndiGo also wrote in the comments section, “Ma’am, thank you for speaking to us. The seat cushions were changed before the flight for cleaning purposes. Customers for whom these seats had been allotted were immediately informed by our cabin crew. This is a standard practice for cleaning during transit when required. Our commitment is to offer our customers the highest level of cleanliness and hygiene.”

This isn’t the sole occurrence of IndiGo airline’s cushion mishap. In a previous incident, a passenger named Sagarika Patnaik encountered a similar issue while boarding an IndiGo flight from Pune to Nagpur on November 26 last year. The seat cushion assigned to her was absent, and her husband captured a photo of the incident, which later gained widespread attention on the internet.

After seeing the viral post, users expressed their views and shared various reactions. Many users gave humorous reactions to this and many users took this problem seriously and expressed their views.

A user writes, ‘Saw a similar seat while flying Indigo from Mumbai to Indore last week. They fixed the cushion only after the actual passenger turned up. Maybe they are facing cushion shortage and using as per demand!’

Another user writes, ‘Maybe the previous passengers carried them off.’

Another user writes, ‘Have seen in a couple of flying seats inside the cabin of few IndiGo flights. Waiting for the day when the airline will ask people to carry their cushions.

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