In a first, Pakistani man caught begging for money on Dubai flight

Pakistan: A video of a person from Pakistan is going viral on social media. Pakistan is going through an economic crisis, and in this situation, the person is seen seeking begging to build a Madrasa (Islamic religious school). The location he has chosen for this purpose is quite surprising. You might have never seen anyone begging for alms inside a flight, and very few people might have witnessed such a scene in reality. However, this video captures the incident.

As per the video, this Pakistani man is seen begging on the flight. but he insists that he is not a beggar; he only seeks charitable donations. He explains that his financial situation is dire, and he intends to use the collected funds to establish a Madrasa, which is why he is asking for contributions. In the video, he can be heard saying, “I am not a beggar, I just want charity.” He is demanding 100 rupees from everyone and at the same time he is saying that the one who can donate should not get up and come, I will come to him myself.

You must have seen people begging on our roads, in buses, in trains at many such places. But probably no one would have seen this scene in the flight that a person is begging in the flight. But this work has been accomplished by a person from Pakistan very well. And with a great mind, he thought of this place and used it for begging. Perhaps this is the only place where rich people meet together in a closed space, so he started begging in the middle of the flight by booking flight tickets.

People are sharing this video on social media with various captions. One Twitter user shared the video with the caption, “Begging tricks, I think Sehbaz should try the same.”

The same other people are making this video a part of the entertainment, they are making funny comments, “I need money to build a seminary where students can be taught the ‘art of effective begging’.” Another writes “Pakistan should patent this new way of begging”.

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