Did Dolly Chaiwala really buy a new Lamborghini? Here is everything you wanna know

Nowadays, Dolly Chaiwala is dominating social media trends. His rise to fame began with the simple act of serving tea to Bill Gates. Now, there are assertions that he has acquired a red Lamborghini, further amplifying his popularity. Dolly Chaiwala personally shared a viral video featuring both himself and the coveted red Lamborghini, adding to the buzz on social platforms.

Dolly Chaiwala, also recognized as Sunil Patil originates from Nagpur and manages a well-known tea stall popular for its unique tea presentation. His acclaim reached new heights after he had the privilege of serving tea to Bill Gates. The footage capturing this meeting was posted by Bill Gates on his social media platforms, propelling Dolly Chaiwala into even more significant prominence in the media.

In the last few days, another reason for him going viral has come to light. He recently shared a video on his social media Instagram, where he is seen with a Lamborghini car. People claim that after serving tea to Bill Gates, Dolly Chaiwala has become so famous that he has also bought a Lamborghini.

Doli Chai Wala has yet to officially confirm his purchase of the Lamborghini. However, he has posted images and videos displaying the luxurious Lamborghini. One particularly noteworthy video features him casually inspecting the car, and this specific clip has garnered over 50 million views, earning widespread acclaim from viewers.

Since Doli Chaiwala shared this video, people’s comments have started coming. Seeing this video, people have made many comments one has said, “Gift from Bill Gates”, apart from this one person has commented that “Only tea vendors are progressing in the world”, apart from this there are many other comments. Many wonderful comments have been made on his profile and videos.

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