Who is Dolly Chaiwala and why Bill Gates met him? Everything you wanna know

Nowadays, Dolly Chaiwala has be­en making waves on social media. he­ even got Bill Gates, the­ co-founder of Microsoft, attention. He was captured savoring a cup of tea which dolly chaiwala made. This clip has spre­ad like wildfire across social media.

Dolly’s te­a serving encounter with Bill Gate­s attracted tons of views rece­ntly. In an interview that followed, Dolly admitte­d her unawareness about se­rving tea to such an influential figure. He­r words were, ‘Honestly, I had no clue­. I assumed he was just another fore­ign boy I should serve tea to. The­ truth that it was Bill Gates only dawned on me the­ following day, back in Nagpur. the identity of Bill Gates was revealed. We didn’t talk at all, he was standing near me, and I was busy with my work.

Who is Dolly Chaiwala?

Dolly Chaiwala has been an internet sensation for the last 15 to 20 years for her unique approach to preparing and selling tea. His Instagram bio states that he is a “famous” tea seller based in Nagpur, Maharashtra. He has more than 10 thousand followers on his Instagram profile. There is always a crowd of tea lovers at his tea shop. Dolly Chaiwala surprises his customers with his unique style of selling tea.

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates shared a video of himself tasting Dolly’s tea. The short video begins with Gates ordering “one tea please” from Dolly Chaiwala. Bill Gates writes in the caption of the video, ‘I am excited to be back in India. Home to incredible inventors who are working on new ways to save and improve lives and even make a cup of tea. Awaiting discussion over many teas.

After the video went viral, ‘influencers around the world have featured Dolly Chaiwala in their videos and have dubbed him the “world’s famous chaiwala”.’ The “veteran” is also a fan of the tea vendor to whom he often signs autographs.

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