“I became billionaire at 21, but I never thought of money, I only loved Technology” Bill Gates

A recently circulated interview featuring Bill Gates has garnered attention on social media. In this video, Gates presents a fresh perspective, highlighting that success may not solely be defined by wealth accumulation. Despite achieving billionaire status at the age of 21, Gates expresses that money was not his primary focus; instead, his passion lay in the realm of technology and pursuing his favorite hobbies and interests.

The statement emphasizes that success isn’t solely about pursuing wealth; rather, it underscores the importance of engaging in work that aligns with our passions. Bill Gates’ example illustrates that genuine dedication to a field, coupled with heartfelt involvement, leads to both success and prosperity.

In the viral interview video, Bill Gates is asked, ‘When you were a kid, did you care about money or did you only care about technology?’ Bill Gates Responded with simplicity and charm, he shared, “Mostly I like software. I remember I went to a private school, where there were other kids whose families were better off like they had Porsches. And a lot of elementary things like that, but it wasn’t a big deal, my thing was I just loved building software, I loved hiring people and I was stunned when it eventually became so valuable.”

The viral video has received millions of likes and views. And after watching the video, users shared many types of reactions. One user writes, ‘That’s the first time I’ve ever heard someone say they loved hiring people.’

Another user writes, ‘She looks so proud of her dad. Always be careful with your children; you are forever their heroes.

Another user writes, ‘Loved software so much that he forced the market into heavily restricting its use.’

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