In a funny video, foreign tourist teaches easy way to handle Indian traffic

Navigating through traffic in India proves to be a formidable challenge for any tourist. However, a video featuring a foreign tourist has rapidly gained popularity on social media. The viral video shows the transition video of the before and after road crossing. Initially, she had to face a lot of difficulty in crossing the road but after a few days, it has become easier for her to handle the traffic. Through this video, she wants to share this tip on how to handle traffic; it’s a funny video.

The video begins on a normal street, where this foreign tourist tries to cross the road but faces a lot of problems, ‘She moves to cross the road but vehicles keep passing in front of her at very high speed, causing She lags behind again and again. The video showcases a before-and-after transition, with the latter part featuring humorous elements.

Second After Transition Part One month later, the girl first wears her jacket and then glasses and slowly starts crossing the road by walking and showing her hand to stop the vehicle. Similarly, she easily crosses the road with Indian Desi Jugaad without any problem.

This viral video was shared on YouTube by vlogger OnlyOneGiulia. The viral video has received 16 million views and 700k likes so far. The video is going viral very fast. Users shared various reactions after watching the video.

A user writes. ‘The secret to crossing a road in India is to walk across like your dad owns the road.’

Another user writes, ‘Disclaimer: Don’t do this while crossing the railway tracks.’

Another user writes, ‘This skill takes very much long time, we Indians have been learning since our childhood No one can master this skill in 1 month.’

Another user writes, ‘Every Indian will become power rangers while crossing the road.’

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