Australian girl comes to India, plays gully cricket with Indian boys

The love of Indians for cricket is indescribable. Cricket lovers take to the streets and public playgrounds to enjoy their favorite game. Scenes of youth enthusiastically playing cricket are quite common in the country. A video is going viral on social media in which an Australian girl can be seen playing gully cricket with Mumbai children.

The viral video features an Australian girl named Josie. Josie is a travel and lifestyle content creator on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and podcasts. But what stands out is a girl who loves travelling, coffee, and dogs. Josie loves different types of cultures, in one of her videos you can see that she is wearing the traditional dress of the Assam culture of India and also learned traditional Assam dance steps. Josie has a YouTube channel named “josieliftsthings”. She often shares videos like traveling and food vlogs.

Josie grew up in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Her mother is a single parent and she is her only child. Before her YouTube channel, she was an underwater photographer and a sales manager at a gym. But Josie now shares videos of her travel food adventures on her own YouTube channel. You can watch many types of such videos on Josie’s channel.

According to the viral video, Josie can be seen saying, “Hi, Can I have a turn? Go easy. I have to run. I think I’ve annoyed these boys enough. All right. Thank you.” She initiates the game by requesting permission from the children, after which she proceeds to swing the bat and hit the ball 2 to 3 times before making an effort to accumulate runs.

Josie has published this video on her YouTube channel with the caption “Playing cricket for the FIRST TIME with local boys in Mumbai, India! This video has been viewed by more than 11 million people so far. Also, 600k Has also been liked more than. Josie’s heartwarming cricket moment in Mumbai showcases the universal love for the sport, bridging cultures through her travel content.

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