Sandeep Maheshwari schools a fan of western philosophy, tells significance of Indian philosophy

Sandeep Maheshwari, a successful entrepreneur and motivational speaker debates the concept of how Indian Philosophy is wider and significant than western philosophy.

When the British introduced the concept of education in India, it had a lot to do with creating robotic minded humans who without question would serve them. Their thinking was limited to the mannerisms and whims of their master without even giving a thought.

Similarly western philosophy, according to him is very superficial and carries no depth as it has no definite answers. The Western world and its roots are limited to thinking and questioning. But it forgets that thinking is just a part of existence, not its entirety. On the contrary, Rig Vedas and Upanishads provide in-depth knowledge that no other philosophy can define.

The purpose of questioning oneself “why I am” or “why I exist” is also limited because existence has no alternative contrary to “Why I think”. To squander our valuable time to invest in such thoughts is perhaps not a great thing to do after all. If a person loses his memory, he loses his ability to think but that doesn’t take away his existence.

Sandeep further takes the example of Hinduism which has an amalgam of various gods and deities worshipped not only as sculptures but also as elements of nature. Hindu philosophy says “God is in everything, God is everywhere” opposite to the belief that God is one and supreme and only believes in segregation of humankind.

If one has to explore life, he must dive deep into rig Veda and Vedanta. According to Sandeep, this is the “end of thought”. Vedanta is the ultimate answer to the innumerable queries of the world, the “pinnacle of philosophy” and more than a theory, a “living reality”.