Bihar girl rejects groom for not speaking English, being uneducated

Today we live in a generation where both women and men need to have a certain education qualification before getting married. One reason is they are both well secured in the tough job market, providing financial security to their home. Also, basic education helps in everyday key conversation, and planning required to make the marriage work. Some may also say that being educated and knowing fluent English is a class symbol for society.

Today we present you a case where a Bihar girl rejects the groom for being uneducated and not knowing English. This incident has shocked and amused many citizens over the country sharing assorted reactions, both for and against the decision of the bride.

Education is necessary for Bihar Girl

On an auspicious day, the union took an unexpected turn when the bride rejected the groom for not knowing English. “Main Nahi Karungi Shaadi (I won’t marry him)”, says the Bihar girl. The bride is well educated and finishing her degree in B.Ed. whereas the groom doesn’t know how to read or write. The bride asks if someone can be ever happy knowing that her husband cannot speak English. She has tried conveying her objection regarding marriage to her father, but he is tempted by money and property.

Bihar girl rejects groom for not speaking English, being uneducated
Bihar girl rejects groom for not speaking English, being uneducated

The bride wants somebody who is as educated as she is and must support each other shoulder to shoulder. The reporter tries to put some sense in her mind by saying that he can also manage the household, and she should accept him. But the bride sticks to her decision, saying -” Nahi karungi toh nahi karungi (No means No)”.

Some netizens believe that she did the right thing by not choosing him at the same time, some are saying all of these are for an egotism status. But overall the bride took a stand for herself and that’s all that matters compared to the society we live in where it is always the groom’s demands that matter.

Let us know what you think about the bride’s reaction and if her saying no to the marriage seemed justified. Catch The Youth for more news and stories.