From Waste Plastic bottles to clothes, Gujrat man makes a successful recycling business 

The problem of plastic has become an important issue in India. Despite the commercial usefulness of most plastic products, their recycling and reuse are rare. Not only is it used once, but it is also harmful to the environment. Meet one such interesting businessman who has built a successful recycling business from plastic bottles to clothes.

T-shirts, bottoms, skirts, and shoes can be made from waste plastic bottles. It sounds a bit strange, but Puneet Singhal of Gujarat has made this work possible. Puneet was inspired by the blend of artificial fibre and cotton in sports costumes to prevent sticking. Recognizing the similarity between the raw material of artificial fibre and plastic bottles, he proposed recycling bottles into fibre. This innovation reduces plastic waste and ensures a continuous supply of raw materials for production.

How are waste plastic bottles converted into clothes?

First of all bottle waste is collected. The bottle is pre-washed to remove impurities and dust. After pre-washing, sorting of all different types of bottles is done with the help of the manual. In the next step, there is a label scraper. The water label scraper automatically tears the labels in the waste line. After this, the bottle is put into the last auto sorter which removes all the remaining impurities.

After the bottle is cleaned, the bottle is crushed and after the crushing, washing is done. Drying takes place immediately after washing. Once dried, the bottle transforms into flex form. This flex is then melted and spun into fibres, resembling cotton in appearance and purity. Similarly, fibres can also be derived from beans. From flex to fibre: these fibres are then sent to either the spun yarn or non-fabric manufacturing sector. Once spun into yarn, they can be fashioned into various items such as clothing, footwear, and more.

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