Rajasthan couple makes wedding cards of Cow waste, he produces 3k cards every day

A father-daughter duo from Rajasthan has adopted a unique technique of making wedding cards, which is much talked about in Jaipur. Through this project, they are making around 3,000 wedding cards every day using cow dung. After this technology, there is no need for trees to make paper, now cow dung is enough.

The father-daughter duo made 100 different products including wedding cards, envelopes, and diaries from cow dung, which stunned everyone. Today 40% of trees worldwide are cut only to make paper. This is the reason why environmental problems are getting worse due to the cutting of trees in the world.

In a unique initiative, a daughter-father duo hailing from Jaipur, Rajasthan, has pioneered an innovation that transforms cow dung into a sustainable paper-making material. Bhimraj Sharma and his daughter Jagriti Sharma are not only creating eco-friendly wedding cards from cow dung but are also supporting local farmers by purchasing the dung at Rs 10 per kilogram. Their process yields an impressive 3,000 sheets of paper daily, leading to the production of various products.

According to online sources, cow dung and cow urine are mixed in the paper of the wedding card. It is completely recyclable. There is not even a 1% possibility of harm to nature due to this. Not only this but another very unique innovation has been made in the cow dung card. In this, seeds of plants have also been inserted in many papers. Due to this, even if this paper is thrown away after using it, mixed seeds like basil, marigolds, and other flower and vegetable plants can grow in it.

Bhimraj Sharma said in an interview that he started making paper from cow dung in 2016. Before this, he had experience in paper printing for many years. He was surprised for the first time when he was able to develop an amazing figure from paper made from cow dung. Jagrati Sharma got the idea of making paper from cow dung when she was reading a wedding card and then thought that usually wedding cards are thrown away after reading. Why not make the card from something that can be reused instead of being thrown away? She was successful in this technique because 12 types of seeds were used in the cards made by her. After this, the cards can be grown into plants instead of being thrown away.

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