Desi Jugad: Man turns Hero Splendor into Gobar Gas bike, he runs it on Gobar

Due to the continuous rise in the prices of petrol and diesel, people are looking for alternatives which can help them cope with this inflation. In response, a village youth invented the technique of running a splendor bike on cow dung gas. This technology not only promotes environmental awareness but also provides people with a cheap and clean solution. Nowadays, the video is also becoming quite viral on social media.

According to the viral video, the person has tied a plastic bottle to the bike, and from there, a pipe has gone to the fuel tank of the vehicle. The person has filled cow dung in a plastic bottle and the bike is running with the gas coming out of it. The person said that after seeing his idea, many people in the village are also adopting this jugaad.

The person is saying that for this he fills the cow dung in a plastic bottle and keeps it for about a month. After this, when it turns into gas, it becomes useful. The man said that for this he uses ten bottles, one bottle is used up in a day and due to this he is saving Rs 100 which is spent on petrol every day.

Cow dung gas is a natural energy source that does not cause any harm to the environment and its use improves the pollution situation. Compared to petrol and diesel, Cow dung gas is much cheaper to produce and use. This will reduce the burden of high petrol prices on the drivers and will also bring relief to their financial condition.

Through this invention, we are once again reminded that Indian Jugaad knows no limits. Through such excellent inventions in science and technology, we can improve our lives and help save the environment. The video of this person is going viral on social media and people are shocked to see it, can a bike run with the help of cow dung?

Disclaimer: The above article is based on a viral video The Youth doesn’t vouch for information claimed in the video.

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